I LOVE  Reiki! I love how relaxing and healing it is, and am a Reiki II practitioner.

Reiki is a technique of “hands on” healing. It is based on the universal belief in a life force energy that flows through and sustains all living things. If the life force energy is weak or imbalanced, one is more likely to develop symptoms and get sick. Yet, if the energy is balanced and strong, one is thought to be more likely to enjoy good health.

In a Reiki healing session, the practitioner “channels” life force energy through his/her palms and into the client’s energetic field. This is done either by directly placing the hands on specific parts of the body, or by holding the hands at a slight distance from the client's body. Clients usually report a general sense of calm and well being. Some report leaving more energized and some more calm and restored.

Reiki is a safe, effective and natural method of healing. Its benefits are now being recognized by various groups of Doctors and health practitioners. It is even endorsed by Hospitals in different parts of the world.

Intuitive Healing

We are all  Spiritual Beings having a human physical experience. As such, we accept information about our reality through our earthly five senses. But we also possess the ability to tune in and receive information from the "unseen" realm. This is called intuition. Intuition is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Intuitive healing utilizes intuitive reading of the clients body and his energy field, and receiving intuitive guidance that helps to move the client towards a better state of being.  

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