Smoking Cessation

"From the initial visit I knew that I was going to transform my life in a way that I never thought possible; Not only in quitting smoking   but healing all those deep wounds that keep hurting my life...I am a non-smoker and will remain a non-smoker". ~ Victoria


"Dear Taly, I want to thank you for the big help you gave me. You have given me my life back. I was so afraid to go I     feel free...much happier and in control"- ~Maria

Anger  Outbursts

" wife and friends noticed that I am more relaxed, calm, joyful and positive. Things are not making me angry easily anymore...
I would like to thank my hypnotherapist, Taly, for helping me get rid of thoughts that were running my life"...~S.K


Social Phobia

"This hypnosis with Taly Viner was very good and helped me in ways I was hoping it would. I have no more anxiety and confidence issues...I am able to go out and have fun without worrying about irrational things.." ~R.C



"I have to admit that I went to see a hypnotherapist out of desperation.

I'd had a problem with insomnia for most of my adult life, and it had gotten to the point where I was having a hard time functioning.  I'd tried all of the traditional medical treatments, including a variety of prescription medications, without any real help.


My sleep was much, much better after my first visit with Taly. But she was determined not just to help me get to sleep at night, but  to tackle the deeper problems that were causing me to lose sleep. I've suffered with depression since I was a teenager, and more or  less thought I had it under control with medication. I didn't realize how much better I could feel...The effect has been far beyond  anything I had expected.


 The world looks a lot brighter to me now than it did when I first went to see Taly. I sleep better, I get more done, and I actually feel  like I'm living. If you've lived with depression, you know what a big thing that is. Other people have commented on how much      happier and healthier I seem to be.


Working with Taly turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. I really can't recommend her highly enough". -C.M


Confidence Issues

"I am very grateful to have discovered such a talented and compassionate healer as Taly. I was fortunate to find her at a time in my  life when I was struggling greatly with feelings of low self-esteem and other issues, and through several sessions with Taly, I was  able to begin the healing process. She is a gifted therapist and caring person as well.


If you are lucky enough to work with Taly, expect a warm, compassionate, confident and thorough exploration of your issues, leading to resolution. She leaves no stone unturned!


 Thank-you Taly for your compassion and intuitive healing abilities, coupled with a genuine desire to support and help those lucky enough to work with you. Blessings always. -M. P

"Since I started working with you, Taly, I have become more confident and more in touch with my desires."-B.L



"Taly Viner is one of the most patient and caring women I have ever met. She is blessed with the ability to help others help themselves, and along with a big heart and the passion for healing others, she can positively change one's life forever.

Each time I visit Taly, she is prepared to listen with no pre-formed judgment. After a meeting with Taly
I always feel lighter. Time  seems to fly, when in reality I have been sitting and talking for about two hours! She inspires me to be a better person and pass on  the love she has always given me.


 Taly has a lot to offer from the drive to the theory and knowledge backing up her treatment plans. She has the rare ability to tell what is necessary for each person to heal, and will take the necessary steps to ensure success of this process. I will strongly recommend Taly to anyone who needs loving external guidance".- G.B

"..I really see a significant difference with feeling more happy and confident" -S.

Mood Swings

" Thank You!  Thank You Taly for helping me!" 

I came to you while I was going through a hard time in my life.... on the inside I was extremely tried emotionally and physically. I was going through extreme ups and downs emotionally. I felt like I was going to just explode one day. I couldn't control my  emotions, .. I felt alone and didn't know where to turn. 


Right after the very first session, I felt like a huge weight has been lifted! Like I was myself again, I left with  a HUGE smile on my face! It was something I couldn't even explain but I just was feeling normal again. My whole world was back to  what it was, I was ME again!! I had energy, I felt happy, it was easier to actually communicate and I wasn't lost anymore...

I cannot THANK YOU enough for bringing me back to ME! " -L.C 


"Coming to hypnosis has helped me in so many ways; A return to my spiritual beliefs, quitting smoking, ridding myself of anger and believing in a better future for myself and those around me. The hypnosis sessions renewed a sense of hope and well-being in my life.." - T.Y

Stress and Depression

"I am pleased with the results of our hypnosis sessions together. my stress and depression no longer bother me" -M.M, Ph.D


"The hypnosis sessions were an unexpected surprise...not only did they help address the issue at hand, they also helped empower me and give me greater confidence." -P.D


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